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Physiotherapy patients to benefit from vital new equipment

27 October 2014


The Advanced Surgical Equipment Trust (ASET) has recently donated vital medical equipment to the rehabilitation outpatients department of Southend University Hospital.

A new £26,000 ultrasound scanner and a £1,000 water bath will ensure physiotherapy patients get better treatment and a smoother experience as the department continues its drive to be a one-stop clinic.

Billy Fashanu and Dr Hubert van Griensven, consultant physiotherapists, said: "We want to improve the patient journey by making it clearer and quicker. The new ultrasound scanner will enable us to carry out guided injections with greater accuracy. Being able to see the needle means we can target affected tissues more effectively."

The other piece of equipment was a replacement water bath, an essential piece of equipment for hand therapy as it helps to mould hand splints for patients after surgery as well as stroke patients and other hand-related injuries.

"Up to 200 splints a month are produced," explains Beverly Loughborough, outpatient services manager, "so it was very important that we were able to get a brand new replacement so quickly to ensure our patients weren't affected."

John Gibson MBE, Appeals Director and Chairman of Trustees for the Advanced Surgical Equipment Trust (ASET), added: "The vision is for a one-stop clinic. Whereas before, a patient might have waited up to eight weeks to find out scan results and be referred, the new ultrasound scanner means they can be assessed and referred in the same day! The charity focus has always been to support Southend Hospital in providing new technology and equipment that will improve patient care."

The hand therapy team led by Hannah Wackett, Sarah Golding and Brian O'Hare expressed their sincere gratitude to Mr Gibson and ASET.

PHOTO: (l-r): Bev Loughborough, outpatient services manager; Dr Hubert Van Griensven, consultant physiotherapist; Billy Fashanu, consultant physiotherapist; John Gibson MBE, Appeals Director and Chairman of Trustees for the Advanced Surgical Equipment Trust (ASET).