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Hospital launches crutch amnesty

13 January 2015

Health Care

Southend University Hospital’s rehabilitation department is urging former patients to return crutches that are no longer needed.

A set of crutches costs around £10 per pair so the hospital's head of rehabilitation, Noreen Buckley, is particularly keen for their return.

She said: "We know how easy it is for crutches to be put away in the garage or in a cupboard under the stairs and forgotten about once patients no longer need them. The cost of not returning crutches to the hospital is around £28,000 a year, so it really is important that they are brought back once patients can manage without them."

Unwanted crutches can be handed in at the rehabilitation department or accident and emergency reception desks, or the plaster room.

Noreen said: "We'd be really grateful if patients who have been given crutches from the hospital could return them if they are no longer needed, particularly any given out in the last 12 months.  

"Even if they are singles, we can match them up with others to make pairs before getting them cleaned and refurbished ready for other patients to use."