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Going for gold standards

28 January 2015

Health Care

Southend Hospital has launched a Gold Standards Framework which aims to support general frontline staff who work with patients with end of life (last year of life) needs by running quality improvement training programmes.

The project, coordinated by the National Gold Standards Framework Centre, is being managed by four wards - Windsor, Rochford, Estuary and Benfleet - and aims to be completed in 2016 with plans for it then to roll out to the whole hospital. It will focus on identifying people who are reaching the last year of life and support them with Advance Care Planning.

This includes identifying treatment, care wishes, and helping people to consider making plans for their future. This will improve the choice and experience for patients and their families and improve care throughout most important part of their lives.

Wendy Warner, palliative care lead nurse, said: "Southend hospital sees end of life care as a core role for our patients.  By identifying people entering the last year of life, we can work alongside patients and their families helping them to make decisions and plans for their end of life care.