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Second grant for Southend University Hospital to help patients with learning disabilities

16 February 2015

Health Care

Southend University Hospital has received a £5,000 grant to produce two more information videos to assist patients with learning disabilities, making hospital services even more accessible.

The new as-yet-untitled videos will join the hospital's existing and widely acclaimed Coming to Outpatients and Coming to A&E films produced to help patients with learning disabilities familiarise themselves with the hospital before they come in to have treatment, making them better able to understand what the experience will be like and in turn reassuring those who may be anxious.

The Rix Thompson Rothenberg (RTR) foundation awarded the grant because they are impressed by the hospital's continuing approach to making sure that services for  people with learning disabilities are the best possible.

Fred Heddell CBE, non-executive director of the hospital and a trustee of the RTR foundation, presented the £5,000 cheque to the hospital's specialist nurse for learning disability, Sarah Haines, and Shields Parliament counsellors, Claire Wannacott and Robert Norton, at a recent meeting of the hospital's learning disabilities committee.

Mr Heddell said: "Southend University Hospital has a real desire to continue to ensure patients with learning disabilities receive high quality treatment the same as every other patient."

Sarah Haines, who has championed the need for the videos from the outset, added: "We are very grateful to receive a further donation from the RTR Foundation. I am delighted that our learning disabilities committee have the opportunity to produce another two films and provide even more support to people with learning disabilities."

The Coming to Outpatients and Coming to A&E videos are available to watch on our Learning Disabilities page.

Filming for the new video will take place in the spring.