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Operation success for The Perfect Week

22 February 2015

Health Care

Around 25 members of non-theatre staff donned scrubs and surgical hats as they helped in a week long exercise devised by Southend Hospital recently to help enhance its theatres system.

Staff from across the hospital, including from areas such as IT and recruitment, were deployed to take down any issues in their designated areas and report them to silver command for solutions, ultimately freeing up the theatre teams and ward staff to focus on patient care.

David Heaver, theatre manager, thanked all those people who took part in the week-long event, commenting: "Perfect Week: Theatres was an extremely enjoyable process; the smooth running of this week was all down to each and every one of the staff involved. All the staff in theatres possess the dedication, commitment and drive to ensure that we learn and grow from this week and that we continue to make our department the best it can be for the patients and for all of the staff."

Paul Hepworth, the hospital's emergency planning and liaison officer, was silver command during the exercise. He said: "Although I have worked in the NHS for over 30 years, theatres is not my normal area. It was especially good to see it around patient care and the patient journey, as we should always work to improve the experience of both the patients and staff."

There were a number of issues that came up during the week, some of which were solved quickly and others that will take a bit of time.

The hospital are also looking into improvements for patients waiting a long time on the day of their surgery, as well as how the theatre system can be better used to audit and measure timings for all surgical procedures.