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Knee ops give Trevor a new lease of life

13 March 2015

Health Care

Trevor Harris, from Daws Heath, may be 69, but his knees are a little younger at a year old for his left knee and only six months old for his right.

He had both his knees replaced at Southend Hospital and after successful operations and recovery he decided to take them for a test drive off road in The Lake District, Cumbria.

The trip saw him and his friends walking for six days and between seven and 13 miles per day, with lots of ups and downs. Impressively, their highest peak was Crag Hill at 2,753 ft (839m) above sea level.

Trevor said: "I can't express how happy I was with my new knees, I could keep up with my (younger) companions, and apart from a few aching muscles at times, which we all had, and a blister on my toe I had no pain at all. The knees are brilliant!

"Before the ops I was still fairly mobile but slowing down in walking and in pretty constant pain and I was always on pain relief. At times my knees would give way, and at others they would seize up. They were getting steadily worse, with bone on bone in both knees.

"My new knees will give me a much improved quality of life in the years to come. I can't say how grateful I am to the NHS, Southend Hospital, and all the staff."

You could say that now, thanks to his double knee operations, Trevor is in 'peak' fitness for his age. Perhaps his next challenge will be Ben knee-vis?