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Cellulitis service celebrates ten years of success

19 April 2015

Health Care

The Day Assessment Unit at the hospital recently celebrated ten successful years of its cellulitis infection home treatment pathway, which now sees over 100 patients a year.

And it's a service that has grown in that ten years, thanks in no small part to more GPs referring patients and more people being aware of it, especially as many patients have recurrent episodes.

Cellulitis is an acute bacterial skin infection that is most common and severe in older people, although it can occur at any age. Typically it affects people with chronic swelling of the legs - hence the picture on the cake - caused by vein or lymphatic trouble, but can also affect arms, the abdomen and even the face.

Consultant in infectious disease, John Day, helped start the service which has made a real difference for patients who previously required a one week stay in hospital for antibiotic injections. He said: "After initially starting their treatment in the hospital patients receive intravenous antibiotics in the comfort of their own home from community nurses and this service certainly would not have been a success without them.

"And without the service it would have meant people taking up vital hospital beds, showing the treatment pathway was something of a trendsetter in helping patients get the right care at home."

Prior to cutting the cake Dr Day thanked the entire Day Assessment Team for their decade of dedication and flexibility.