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Stroke awareness stall

22 May 2015

Health Care

To coincide with national stroke awareness month, staff and patients of Benfleet ward and Paglesham ward, home of the stroke unit at Southend Hospital, have been getting busy with some crafting in an attempt to raise some funds for the unit.

The crammed and colourful stall was selling a whole host of knitted and crocheted items, guessing how many sweets in a jar, a raffle, some scrummy cakes and seedlings planted by patients as part of their rehab programme.

The staff and patients are hoping to raise funds to buy some bed sensors that will help the unit monitor patients that are at risk of falling when in bed as some stroke patients suffer from mobility problems.

Ward manager, Emma Wilding, explained how they were also offering advice as well as some lovely snacks and gifts. She said: "Some of the nursing staff have been offering blood pressure checks, as there is a high correlation between having high blood pressure and stroke, and advising on how to live a healthy life style, something of particular importance to everyone with the recent news of the rise of strokes of people in their 40s and 50s. Strokes don't just impact upon the elderly.

"Raising money for the bed sensors is great but raising awareness of an individual's health is also important, so if we help just one person think about that then we have already helped make a difference."