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Florence and the machine

20 July 2015


Florence Ware-Lane was just one of 40 health and social care students from Belfairs Academy in Leigh to visit Southend University Hospital for a ‘meet the professionals day’ to find out more about the range of careers available and how a modern hospital works.

The 14 year old student, from Leigh, tried out the data scope machine, which takes blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels and heart rate, under the guidance of practice development nurse, Fiona Sommerville.

Florence, who then tried the machine out on her fellow classmates, said: "It's been a great day as it has given us all a real insight into all the roles that makes a hospital work and we've enjoyed visiting areas such as radiotherapy and the pharmacy."

Students also got to take part in a hand washing demonstration and took the opportunity to interview staff from security, car parking & porters, the breast screening unit, physiotherapy, biomedical science, ward nursing, midwives, becoming a matron, nutrition & dietetics, a doctor and a speech and language therapist.

Membership manager at the hospital, David Fairweather, who organises the yearly event, added: "With 150 different departments this hospital is like a mini-city with its own community. Events like this help make local young people aware of what diverse future employment opportunities there are, and what exactly goes on behind closed doors in their local hospital."

This is the third year the hospital has teamed up with Belfairs Academy. Subject leader for health and social care, Nicky Barrett, said: "Days like this give a really good understanding of all the important roles people play in making a hospital function and how everyone, not just doctors and nurses, have an important part to play. It's really helped our students their aspirations."