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New system will help manage the safety of patient journey

21 October 2015

Health Care

Southend Hospital launched a revolutionary in-patient pre-assessment service thanks to a cash injection from the Nursing Technology Fund bid.

The Synopsis IQ system sees patients complete their pre-assessment questionnaires on a tablet PC before their appointment encouraging both safety and efficiency.

Volunteers are on-hand to help patients who are less familiar with computers to answer health questions on the mobile devices. 

Healthcare assistants record the patient's observations on the system before the patient is reviewed by a nurse during the examination.  The system collates all the information to help nurses make a clinical judgement on the suitability of the patient to continue to surgery.  

The system will improve patients' and nurses' experience by recording pre assessments electronically, both by presenting a standardised pre -assessment consultation and meaning that assessments can be easily amended during a repeat review for a returning patient. 

A further benefit is that anaesthetists will be able to access the pre-operative assessment on the system and complete an anaesthetic plan without having to wait for the physical notes.

Jane Reeve, general manager in theatres, critical care and anaesthetics, said: "Pre-assessment is now ahead of the game by going paper-light on the road to a paperless service and, as well as the time and convenience benefits for patients and staff, this also has a positive financial impact for the trust.  The pre-assessment team have all worked really hard trialling and launching the system and are already seeing the benefits to patients."