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Toiletry bags from Procter & Gamble help patients make a fresh start

11 February 2016


The kind delivery of 120 wash bags from Procter & Gamble to Neptune ward, the children’s ward at Southend Hospital, will now mean that those patients and families who haven’t had time to gather ‘essentials’ will still be able to have a wash or brush their teeth.

The bags include such essential items such as slippers, shampoo and conditioner, sanitary towels, shower gel, a toothbrush and moisturiser.  

Claire Scott, ward manager on Neptune, said: "Many children or teenagers are admitted onto Neptune after a visit to A&E and when a child is sick or seriously injured, packing a wash bag in case they are admitted for an overnight stay is the last thing on your mind. But after a stressful night by a sick child's bedside brushing your teeth or having a wash can sometimes help stressed parents to face the day ahead.  

"Nothing will be wasted and we are hugely grateful to Procter & Gamble for their generosity and not just heeding our calling, but exceeding it. It's just one less stress for young patients and parents to think about."

Neptune staff noticed that many parents and children had forgotten, or did not have, basic toiletries and so the fundraising department contacted Procter & Gamble (P&G), based in Thurrock, who kindly agreed to help.

Paul Wilson, communities matters leader for P&G said: "We are committed to making a real difference to the communities where we live and work. We have recently set a new global strategy for our social responsibility programme to improve everyday health and confidence by experiencing P&G's unique brands.

Posters are now up on Neptune ward directing parents to ask a member of staff on the ward should they need one of the toiletry bags.