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Choir vocal in their support of SCBU

24 February 2016


The Vocal Ease Choir, headed up by retired music teacher Lesley Flemming, has donated over £4,000 to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at Southend Hospital since 2012. Their latest donation of £1,800 certainly hit the right note as it will go towards purchasing another CosyTherm mattress for the unit.

Elaine McInally, lead nurse on the unit, said: "The CosyTherm acts like a heated mattress, which allows for babies to move from an incubator to a normal cot as it still provides the warming function required for neonates. The unit already has one of these mattresses but the team are delighted to receive another. "

Lesley explained her continued support for the unit that does so much to help little lives. She said: "It all started after my grandson's life was saved by the tremendous skill and dedication of the staff in Special Care Baby Unit, since then the choir have been privileged to raise money for the unit from the proceeds of our concerts."