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Make your New Year’s resolution to become a feeding buddy

21 January 2016

Health Care

With the Near Year now into full swing, many of you may be actively engaging in your New Year resolutions such as no more smoking, doing more exercise and being better with money.

But how about committing to a resolution that's a bit different and extremely rewarding that you may never have considered - volunteering as a feeding buddy?

In their distinctive red tabards the hospital's feeding buddies are unpaid mealtime companions who help our vulnerable patients to eat and drink. In total we have around 80 registered feeding buddies who work every week and they range from students looking to get ward experience to retired people who want to support their hospital.

Another positive of being a feeding buddy is that colleges and prospective employers now place greater emphasis upon evidence of voluntary work. At the opposite end of the spectrum, more people are taking early retirement and redundancies which means we have a fairly diverse mix of volunteers.

Voluntary services manager at Southend University Hospital, Jane O'Connell, said: "To be a feeding buddy you have to like and be interested in people. We aim for feeding buddies to make a 6-month commitment and we are very proud of the priceless help and support they provide to our patients."

If you are interested in becoming a feeding buddy, please contact Jane on 01702 435555 (ext. 6135).