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Fundraising for AccuVein machines is a roaring success

14 April 2016


Steve Williamson from the Lions Club of Rayleigh has handed a cheque to Southend Hospital Charity for £5400.

This now means the hospital will now be able to buy two AccuVein machines, one for SCBU and one for Neptune ward.  The AccuVein is a hand held device which allows clinicians to easily locate veins to ensure that procedures, such as blood tests, are done quickly, accurately and cause less discomfort for patients, in particular our neonates and children.

Charlotte Edwards, clinical nurse specialist at the hospital, said: "In paediatric nursing, one of the most stressful experiences for children and their parents is taking blood and inserting cannulas, particularly for those patients requiring long-term treatment. The Accuvein has transformed this experience because it gives the user "x-ray vision", literally the ability to see veins by simply shining the ultra violet light at the skin and making the process of blood taking so much easier."  

Lorraine Clark from Rayleigh Lions Club, said: "After hearing how wonderful and much needed these machines are The Lions Club of Rayleigh voted to donate the balance of £2,200 to enable Neptune Ward to buy their AccuVein and we also voted to donate a further £3,200 to enable the Neo Natal Ward to buy one outright.

"The Lions Club of Rayleigh are delighted that we were able to assist and have been able to reduce the stress, pain and anxiety for so many babies, children and parents alike."