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Ladybird Nursery offers lifeline for closing college nursery children

16 February 2016

Health Care

Southend University Hospital’s nursery, Ladybird, is flying in to offer children from the Jungle Cats nursery at South Essex College an alternative with news of its closure on July 15.

Lynda Bartholomew, manager of the Ladybird Nursery at the hospital, is inviting those parents and children affected in to have a look round the nursery, meet staff and see the facilities for themselves.

She has over a decade of experience in early years management and was awarded Southend Borough Councils Early Years inspirational manager award.in 2014. Lynda, who has been in charge at the nursery since April 2014, said: "Finding the right nursery for you and your children can be a daunting task but we want to offer those people who will be affected by the possible closure an open and welcoming invite to come and meet staff and children. Even if it means we've been able to help one family it will have been worth it.

"If any parent affected by the possible closure wishes to contact me to discuss coming to visit or just for a chat about what we can offer here at Ladybird then they can call me on 01702 385330 or email ladybird.nursery@southend.nhs.uk for a prospectus."

The nursery, based in a converted house next to the hospital, is open all year round and provides childcare, learning and play for children aged from three months to four years old. It's easily accessible and was rated by Ofsted as 'good' in December 2014.

In their inspection Ofsted stated:

  • Children and babies make good progress in their learning and development because staff use effective teaching strategies and plan interesting activities that cover each area of learning.
  • Children and babies develop strong bonds with their key persons and, as a result, they make secure emotional attachments that promote their well-being.
  • Safeguarding procedures are robust and rigorous and promote the safety and welfare of all children who attend.
  • Positive and well-established relationships between staff and parents, external agencies and local schools ensures that children's individual needs are fully understood and effectively met.