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Leadership programme helps staff deal with pressures and improve patient experience

25 February 2016

Health Care

Two consultants at Southend Hospital have completed a prestigious leadership programme and they hope their success will inspire colleagues to do the same.

Dr Venkat Raman (obstetrics and gynaecology) and Dr Henna Jaleel (sexual health) completed The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme, a two-year course delivered by the NHS Leadership Academy. The course aims to help NHS staff to become more resilient and able to meet high-pressure demands so that patients see improved outcomes and experiences.

The leadership programme enabled Dr Jaleel to successfully lead and support the sexual health department through a process of change to ensure sustainability. "The course helped me to understand about the impact of human factors on decision making," said Dr Jaleel. "It helped me understand that a real team has no institutional boundaries and all the institutions in the NHS can be brought together if we have a common agenda of providing safe and effective patient care."

Southend Hospital's medical director, Neil Rothnie, said: "I am delighted that Dr Raman and Dr Jaleel have undertaken this course which ultimately benefits our patients."