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Jacob’s nursery apprenticeship is child’s play

16 March 2016

Health Care

When Jacob Edgington tells people he works in a nursery many of them assume that he works as a gardener. Instead he’s busy growing minds in the Ladybird Nursery as part of his children and young people’s workforce apprenticeship.

Jacob, 21, from Southend, said: "I think it's a bit of a surprise to some people initially but then they get to see how good I am with the kids. The children really love the beard and give it a tug now and then; they treat me no different and love telling me their funny stories."

Jacob had always volunteered at children's club and also been a teaching assistant with older children.

He added: "This opportunity came up so I applied. My tutor comes in as well so I'm learning in my job but also learning as part of my qualification. I love it here and wouldn't change a thing, I'm really proud I've got this opportunity to make a really positive impact on these children's lives."

That positivity within his role is loudly echoed by Lynda Bartholomew, manager of the Ladybird Nursery said: "Our staff and children benefit from his energy and enthusiasm, and from having a male role model in a sector which traditionally has a mainly female workforce. Jacob's gaining practical experience and skills alongside a highly qualified and experienced staff team, whilst studying towards his childcare qualification."

This apprenticeship is offered at Southend University Hospital in partnership with Vocational Training Services, who are based in Westcliff-on-Sea and have been offering training for more than 20 years.