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Bryan Record’s apprenticeship experience is a hit

17 March 2016

Health Care

When people think of apprenticeships they often think they are just for young people, but they are for people of any age.

Healthcare assistant Bryan Record, 46, already works at Southend University Hospital and has embarked on his apprenticeship to help advance his career within the trust.

Bryan, who is doing a Level 3 apprenticeship in health and social care, said: "Apprenticeships aren't just for young people and if I'd not got this opportunity through my current hospital role I would not have gone on further, I would have just stayed doing what I was doing, it's as simple as that."

Thanks to his 18 month long apprenticeship, once  completed Bryan hopes to progress further to a band 4 associate practitioner, one level below a staff nurse. And he's not let his dyslexia stand in his was with the continued support he has received both the hospital and his apprenticeship assessor from Vocational Training Services.

Bryan added: "It's great to know that the hospital investing in you, getting Vocational Training Services (VTS) involved in delivering them really shows that the hospital want to progress and help you, investing in both your future as an employee and that of the hospital."

This apprenticeship is offered at Southend University Hospital in partnership with Vocational Training Services, who are based in Westcliff-on-Sea and have been offering training for more than 20 years.