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Southend staff make pledges for Nutrition and Hydration Week

21 March 2016

Health Care

Last week was Nutrition and Hydration Week, its aim nationally is to help reduce malnutrition related illnesses that often require complex treatments. This can prolong recovery periods, prevent hospital admissions and associated increased NHS costs, and can reduce the quality of life of the person affected.

An informative display encouraged staff from across all areas of the hospital to make their own individual pledges to think about ways they could ensure patients don't suffer from malnutrition and dehydration.

Pledges came in from everyone from domestics to consultants and members of the chaplaincy, one even vowing to keep an eye out for patients who haven't got a drink when they are passing through wards.

Claire Buckell, clinical development nurse, said: "We've been illustrating how, by making positive changes to eating and drinking habits, people can improve their quality of life. Supporting the week helps raise awareness of the importance of good nutritional care, which includes hydration."

"We've had some wonderful ideas and it's been fantastic to get so many people energised about how making a little change can make a really big difference to patients. It's really given staff some food and drink for thought."

Staff also took the opportunity to try out some of the drink supplements, such as milky drinks and juices that come in an array of flavours such as apple, orange, vanilla and mocha. Staff also tried food for patients, many commenting on how tasty it was and how they would now be able to make recommendations to patients when they were asked.