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Pledge supports the development of hospital staff

14 May 2016

Health Care

Supporting and developing people to be the best they can be is part of a new initiative unions and management have pledged their support for at Southend University Hospital.

The hospital values its diverse healthcare support staff and has just signed the local partnership pledge for Talent for Care to demonstrate its commitment.

The Talent for Care pledge is part of a national strategic framework that gives people opportunities to start their career in a support role and to be the best they can be in the job they do and provide opportunities for career progression, including into registered professions.

Clinical support roles, such as health care assistants and assistant practitioners, as well as technical roles such as radiography assistants often provide direct care to patients under the guidance and supervision of clinical staff.

There are also a large number of people employed in a broader range of nonclinical support jobs whose roles are critical to the success of the trust and who contribute to the efficient and effective delivery of health care provision. These include secretarial and administrative occupations, cleaning occupations, maintenance workers and porters.

The pledge was signed by both Sue Hardy, chief executive, and Linda Leake, Staffside chair, the collective body of all recognised unions within the trust.

Linda said: "This will be a great opportunity for many people, both young and mature, to gain skills and knowledge and to find employment which will be meaningful and satisfying.

"For the trust and our workers it is an opportunity to 'grow our own' in cases where we have problems with recruitment and to gain workers who have chosen and been supported by Southend Hospital and will feel a commitment to us and our values."

Sue added: "The trust is committed to recruiting and developing its support workforce giving them new skills and competencies that will equip them for the future and provide real opportunities for those who wish to progress.

"We support the national strategic framework Talent for Care and recognise partnership working between the trust, Health Education England and trade unions as an essential component in ensuring that the healthcare support workforce receives the investment and development it needs. The signing of the Talent for Care partnership pledge demonstrates the trust's commitment publicly."

The hospital has already delivered a number of its commitments through work shadowing programmes with year 12 and 13 students in local schools, recruiting apprentices as direct entrants and apprenticeship opportunities for existing staff from both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds in business administration, customer service, adult health and social care, clinical healthcare and perioperative support.

If you are interested in finding out more about work shadowing programmes with your school or apprenticeship opportunities please email Eileen Gallagher at Apprenticeships@southend.nhs.uk.