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Extra wheelchairs made available in direct response to patient feedback

24 June 2016

Health Care

When Southend Hospital received feedback from patients about the lack of wheelchairs available, they took action and purchased 10 brand new Staxi wheelchairs, which are simple to use, easy to find, hard to steal and built to last.

The hospital is continually replacing wheelchairs due to theft and damage. In addition, hospital staff are spending valuable time searching for wheelchairs which have not been returned to our outpatients area.

Similar to most supermarket trolley systems, the Staxi wheelchair coin return mechanism works by using wheelchairs which can be easily stacked together and fitted with links, which can be released with a coin. This encourages the safe return of the chair after use. The wheelchairs are also fitted with a branded vertical pole, which will further deter thieves from taking the chairs offsite by making it clearly visible and difficult to fit into a vehicle.

Terry Bell-Langford, 74, from Porthcall in Wales and now residing in Shoeburyness, was full of praise for the hospital's wheelchairs, saying: "It was very comfortable and easy to get on and off."

Patients entering the hospital from the Cardigan wing, the Prittlewell building entrance or the main outpatients department can collect a wheelchair from of one of the 3 base stations. 

Lucy Thomas-Clayton, associate director of community engagement, who oversaw the purchase of the brand new wheelchairs, said: "Our patients' feedback is vital to help us improve the patient experience we offer both now and in the future. The purchase of 10 Staxi wheelchairs demonstrates that we will act upon feedback received in order to give our patients the service they deserve."

This is just one of many examples of how Southend Hospital acts upon patient feedback and a series of 'You Said, We Did' posters located across the hospital highlight the changes and improvements made in direct response to what patients have fed back, including: 

  • More food and drinks round made available in our emergency department
  • More up-to-date emergency department waiting times
  • Increased Wi-Fi coverage across the Trust
  • A more streamlined process for fracture clinic bookings
  • A modern wet room for children in place of an outdated bathroom

If you have any feedback about Southend Hospital you would like to share, you can contact our Patient Experience Team at pet@southend.nhs.uk.

Photo: Terry Bell-Langford, 74, from Porthcall in Wales and now residing in Shoeburyness with hospital volunteer Veronica Harbour.