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Animated film draws on help from learning disability patients

29 June 2016

Health Care

Last week was Learning Disability Week and Southend University Hospital’s Specialist Nurse for Learning Disability, Sarah Haines, celebrated it by hosting a stand in the hospital that saw everyone from established patients to the family of a newborn ask for information.

The informative stand gave Sarah the opportunity to talk about new projects at the hospital, hand out easy read leaflets and the learning disability newsletter.

She also talked about a new short animated video, produced inside the hospital that focusses on preparing those with a learning disability for being an inpatient which includes what to bring to hospital as well as questions learning disability patients might want to ask.

Sarah, who narrates the video and also features as one of the animated characters, said: "Not everyone wants to read a leaflet so we wanted to create something that would engage the viewer. The script was produced with the help of the hospital's learning disability committee, so there was lots of really helpful input from patients."