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Matrons wear new look with pride

30 June 2016

Health Care

It was recognised by patients that Matrons across Southend University Hospital were sometimes difficult to spot, as the old uniforms were very similar to those worn by both ward managers and sisters.

When Chief Nurse, Yvonne Bl├╝cher, joined the hospital last October, everyone commented on how she stood out as Southend's professional lead in her uniform, so it was decided that all matrons should follow suit.

Angela Cohen, Matron for Surgery, said: "The Matrons all agreed that a change was required. Once in our new uniforms we were delighted by the response from our patients, visitors and staff and it makes us even more proud to be part of the senior nursing team as professional leads."

Ruth Cozens, Matron for Maternity, added: "We've had lots of people comment that it is nice to see the belts and buckles back."