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Public have opportunity to play an important role at Southend Hospital

13 July 2016

Health Care

If you live in or around Southend then chances are that you or a loved one has needed to use the services at Southend University Hospital. Members of the public are now being offered the chance to play an important role in the Trust by standing for election as a Southend University Hospital Foundation Trust governor.

Alan Tobias OBE, Trust Chairman, explained: "Anyone who is a member of the Foundation Trust can become a public governor - whether you are a current or former patient, a relative or supporter of the hospital you are invited to stand in our governor elections provided you are a member."

There are a total on nine public governor vacancies available, comprising two from Southend, three from Castle Point, one from Rochford and three from the rest of Essex. The latter including patients and carers not resident in Essex.

Alan added: "As representatives of the general public and service users, governors have a number of important responsibilities such as the appointment and removal of the Trust Chairman/Non-Executive Directors and setting their remuneration, the appointment of the Trust's external auditors, approving the appointment of the Chief Executive and holding the Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Board. They also help map out the strategic development of the Trust and are also responsible for keeping members of the public informed about the hospital."

Les Catley, who is Vice-Chair of Governors and has been a Governor at Southend for eight years, commented: "It's a real privilege to be a Governor, through engaging with the public we are able to bring their issues and concerns back to the council of governors ensuring their voice is heard.

"There is a lot of dedication and hard work, it is an important role that ultimately helps us to improve the hospital and shape its future for its users and for those who work here."

If you are interested in putting yourself forward and playing a part in the future of your hospital you can find out more by attending an informative meeting on Thursday 14 July at 4pm or Thursday 26 July at 4pm in the hospital's Education Centre. Nominations then have to be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 3 August 2016.       

Anyone wishing to attend either of the meetings on 14 July or 26 July is asked to call 01702 385002 or email Karoline.Singleton@southend.nhs.uk to register.