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Students from Futures deliver joy to Southend’s Children’s Ward

25 July 2016

Health Care

A group of Year 9 and Year 10 students from Futures Community College, Southend, came bearing a whole host of gifts for poorly children on Southend Hospital’s Neptune children’s ward.

The 13 and 14 year olds were visiting as part of their student leadership team that wanted to give something back to the community. The group of 15 students had already brightened the day of residents of a local care home and were later going onto a fire station.

Head of both Year 9 and the Student Leadership Team, Jay Plucknett, said: "All toys, games and books that we have delivered here have been donated to us from generous local businesses, staff and student's families.

"Personally, for the students, it gives them a real sense of achievement, of doing the right thing and helping make people smile. This project has given them the responsibility of being nice and kind and the reactions they have got from people with these random acts of kindness has been brilliant. I think they've got just as much out of it as those they've given gifts to."

One of those reactions was from Ward Manager, Claire Scott, who told the students: "One patient has been on Neptune for three weeks so it was great that she was given a host of items to help keep her active and she was really happy and had a big smile on her face. You've really helped make a lot of patients' days."

It wasn't just patients who received items; staff were also given a delicious selection of baked goods to help keep them going.  And on behalf of the year 10 pupils, Tani Saensupha, 15, from Southend read out a heart-warming letter aimed at the staff of the ward and those right across the hospital.

Tani read: "Thank you for everything you do for us within our community. You have treated us as individuals, our families, friends, colleagues and loved ones and we wanted to show you our appreciation."