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Hospital hosts rheumatology fellowship

06 August 2016

Health Care

Southend University Hospital’s renowned rheumatology team has just played host to the British Society of Rheumatology’s (BSR) Travelling Fellowship Week, allowing the hospital to showcase its staff, facilities and procedures.

Running for over 20 years, the Travelling Fellowship is a unique opportunity for UK trainees and newly appointed consultants to visit other rheumatology departments to study their resources and activities first hand. It provides a much valued opportunity for trainees to interact with each other and share the innovative practices of the host hospital.

The Fellowship included consultants from Musgrove Park Hospital, Bristol NHS Trust University College London Hospital NHS Trust and Luton and Dunstable NHS Trust, as well as Liverpool and Tunbridge Wells.

Of the visit Professor Bhaskar Dasgupta, the hospital's Consultant Rheumatologist, and Clinical Director Research & Development, said: 'The feedback from the Travelling Fellows has been brilliant. They commented about the breadth of joined up services available in the hospital and within Rheumatology. It shows that acute trusts become centres of excellence by greater emphasis on academic and research work. This improves patient satisfaction and outcomes and helps recruit better staff. Two of the Travelling Fellows have approached us for work in an honorary capacity so that they can learn and train at Southend.'

The BSR's Education and Training Committee said that Southend Hospital was chosen to host the Fellowship this year as they were very impressed by their excellent detailed and diverse programme including sessions on saving sight & the fast-track pathway, temporal artery ultrasound, imaging for Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA), biologics for Polymyalgia Rheumatica and large vessel vasculitis, patient education and integrated pain services.

One of the Fellows, Dr Priyanka Chandratre, commented: "I had a great time with lovely hospitality by the Southend team. There were lots of interactive learning opportunities and I couldn't have asked for more."