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Field of Gold: Janis is raising funds for Southend’s chemotherapy unit

01 August 2017


Janis Field is not one to let a diagnosis of ovarian and bowel cancer get her down. When she was given the news five years ago, she faced it with the same positive attitude which has always steered her through the slings and arrows of life.

She has had surgery, two bouts of chemotherapy and faces a further operation to remove a swollen lymph gland. She has always been extremely active and says she does not have time to think about whether or not she has cancer.  Janis has always been a fundraiser and, since her cancer diagnosis, she has thrown herself into fundraising for Southend Hospital's chemotherapy unit to help other patients who find themselves in a similar situation.

Janis, 70, a retired headmaster's personal assistant from Leigh, said: "I am a very positive person - always laughing and never thinking negatively."

She shrugged off having to wear a cold cap for her treatment, just pulling on her wig afterwards and swanning off for a curry with husband Reg. Her attitude was so infectious that staff in the unit asked her to chat and support other patients.

It was then that Janis found how difficult it was to locate some patients' veins for the chemo session to go ahead and they sometimes could not have their treatment.

Janis has been fundraising to help buy a vein finder for the unit and has so far raised £800 for the hospital through opening up her garden in Leigh Hill and organising popular coffee mornings and lunches.

Friends and neighbours have been hugely supportive and she is already collecting raffle prizes and donations towards her next event later in the year.