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Lions’ pride in latest hospital donation

14 August 2017


A vital piece of kit which helps ensure patients are fit for their operation has been presented to Southend University Hospital by the Eastwood Lions Club.

Staff in the pre-assessment department were thrilled to receive the £1,300 Mindray blood pressure machine - an essential item of equipment used repeatedly every day to ensure patients are safe for surgery.

The Lions raised the money during Eric Hoile's year as president and he was at the hospital to present the monitor along with current president Brian Stanbridge and fellow club members.

The club explained that they like to support the local community and were eager to help the hospital when they heard about the unit's need for a new blood pressure machine.

The busy pre-assessment department assesses as many as 35 patients every day for their surgical and medical history weight, height, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation levels and other tests. Until the Lions stepped in, they only had access to two blood pressure machines between eight staff members which led to frequent delays and additional stress for patients. Demands on the department's over-stretched budget meant it could not afford additional blood pressure monitors although the team is doing its own fundraising to improve the care provided. 

Jane Reeve, general manager for theatres and critical care, said: "This donation has given a great boost to the team and it was a great pleasure to welcome Lions Club members so we could express our gratitude in person.

"The new machine has led to a reduction in patient waiting time and the overall flow through clinics is noticeably smoother, providing an improved patient experience."


Image:Lions Club members including past president Eric Hoile (behind monitor) with current president Brian Stanbridge and pre-assessment team (l to r) Tina Morris, Jane Reeve and Lesley Odeke.