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Grateful patient thanks staff with surprise gift

13 January 2017

Health Care

It’s no secret that Southend Hospital and the entire NHS has been under significant pressures this winter with hospital staff working harder than ever to ensure high quality care for every patient.

So when a patient on Castlepoint Ward rewarded the staff for the fantastic care he received, they were blown away by his gesture which saw the delivery of 50 tubs of chocolate and £200 worth of gift vouchers.

David Burch, 73, from Southend, arrived on the ward in a very poorly state but he received excellent care by the staff and is about to be sent home where his recuperation will continue. 

David said of his gesture: "It was the least I could do because they've been great here. All the staff are so kind and caring and I can't fault them in any way.  I really think they do a great job and are all stars.  When you think how much pressure the NHS and the hospital is under yet all the staff are still smiling."

Julie Edwards, Castlepoint Ward Manager, said: "As with all other departments we have had a very busy Christmas and New Year.  We've never had so many chocolates from just one patient.  All staff on the ward feel uplifted and it's amazing that a patient could be so generous, thoughtful and mindful of how hard we all work to ensure our patients receive the best care in these challenging times."