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SOS Massage - Complementary therapist needed to help cancer patients

12 February 2017

Health Care

The Southend Macmillan Information & Support Centre at Southend University Hospital has helped over 25,000 people since it opened its doors almost three years ago.

It is now seeking the help of volunteer complementary therapists to deliver massage therapy to cancer patients at the centre for as little as three hours a week.

Nicola Russell, Deputy Macmillan Information Manager, said: "We have been offering complementary therapy for over a year, which is hugely beneficial to patients and carers. Over 50 have already benefitted from a course of complementary therapy here at the Macmillan Information & Support Centre."

Complementary therapy covers a wide range of practices used alongside conventional treatments for illnesses including cancer. They can help some people cope with the symptoms of disease and its treatment, aid relaxation and reduce tension and anxiety.

Nicola added: "Complementary therapy doesn't cure cancer but our patients use it to boost their physical or emotional health, or to relieve symptoms or side effects of their treatments. They get an awful lot of benefit from the therapy at an emotionally and mentally draining time in their lives. It helps give them a real boost when they need it the most. 

"Since our therapeutic massage therapist left we have a growing waiting list of those wanting this therapy so we are very keen to recruit a new therapist."

Sheona Siewertsen, Macmillan Partnership Manager for Essex, said: "Every day 22 people in our county hear the devastating news that they have cancer. At Macmillan, we believe no one should face cancer alone. The passionate staff and volunteers at the centre work hard to make sure no-one in the community has to."

If you are qualified complementary therapist, think you could help and are  able to offer three hours or more a week please contact the Southend Macmillan Information & Support Centre on 01702 385101 or email macmillan.centre@southend.nhs.uk.

Nicola concluded: "You could make a real difference to lives of people affected by cancer here in Southend."