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Making a stand against ovarian cancer

29 March 2017

Health Care

The end of March sees ovarian cancer awareness month come to a close. Earlier this month Southend Hospital staff and members of its cervical, ovarian, perineal, endometrial cancer support group (COPES) which supports those affected by gynaecological cancers, brought their information stand to the Trust.

Wendy Davies and Sue Soper, COPES Chair and Secretary respectively, were both treated for ovarian cancer at Southend over a decade ago and now raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of the disease, often working very closely with the hospital's Gynaecology Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS).

The stand was targeted at reaching Southend Hospital staff, at both a personal and patient level. Rachel Keenan, Gynaecology CNS explained: "It's very important we reach staff regarding their health needs as they need looking after. We also wanted to raise awareness across teams and wards, asking staff to think out of the box when patients present themselves at A&E with symptoms."