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Stroke survivor makes ‘unbelievable’ recovery

05 April 2017

Health Care

A stroke victim and her family will be forever grateful to the hospital’s stroke unit who helped her make a remarkable recovery.

It was just like any other day for Brenda Creasey, 78, from Benfleet but when she collapsed whilst doing household chores, it suddenly became clear she was having a stroke. 

It was the quick thinking of husband, John, which saw Brenda rushed to hospital for life-saving treatment.

John recalls: "Brenda was hanging up stuff in the wardrobe and she was making a mess of it which I thought isn't like her. Then she just collapsed on the floor. She was in a terrible state and, of course, I was in a panic. But I realised what it was immediately."

On arriving at hospital, Brenda had all her assessments and brain scans performed within 13 minutes and had a thrombectomy  operation to remove the clot within an hour of the decision.

Brenda recalls: "Obviously, I don't remember much about it all.  What I do know is that the treatment from all the staff was fantastic. They couldn't do any more for me and now I feel great."

Husband John was amazed at Brenda's turnaround: "Unbelievable. There's no other word for it. She went from somebody that was totally incoherent to somebody who was saying 'I want to go home'. She appears to be better than before she had the stroke."

Basing their care plan on the National Clinical Guidelines for stroke, the hospital offers a large team consisting of many professionals specialising in stroke care.

Staff include occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, dietitians and stroke support workers.

Dr Paul Guyler, lead stroke consultant, said: "Timing is everything in stroke. Removing the blood clot early saves destruction of more brain cells."

Pictured (l-r):Prof. Grunwald, Jo, Brenda, John and Dr Guyler.