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From nursery nurse to newly qualified nurse

08 May 2017

Health Care

Katie Robinson, 23, from Leigh, had originally trained to be a nursery nurse when she was 18, but then she wanted to gain a degree and have greater earning potential, whilst still working in an area with children that made the most of her people skills.

After qualifying in August 2016 the role of paediatric nurse on Neptune Children's ward arose and after talking it through with her mum, who is also a nurse at Southend Hospital, she applied and got the position.

Katie said: "I'd trained as a nursery nurse so had already worked with children so it was just a natural progression for me. I never thought about adult nursing, midwifery or mental health nursing -I just naturally gravitated towards paediatrics.

"At university I had several placements as a health visitor, as part of community team, post op, neonatal and the children's ward. There was a big variety of experience but when I had my management placement on Neptune for three months I knew it was the right place for me."

And working at Southend University Hospital is now something of a family affair. It isn't just her mum, who is a chemotherapy nurse, who works at the Trust, so does her dad in IT. And they were both very supportive of Katie's change of career direction.

Katie said: "They've worked at the hospital for about 15 years so I knew it was a good place to work for, my parents were more than happy about my decision."

A typical day for Katie would mean her starting working at 7am. She explained about the range of duties and tasks she might experience on her shift:

"We have handover and then we delegate who is going to care for which patient depending on their experience, their knowledge and what the patient is here for.  I then go and greet the patients and set out my day, what medications are due, if any of my patients need daily weights or if any need feeding.

"The doctor's rounds start at ten and once they've seen my patients a new plan for their care is put in place and I follow that plan for the rest of the day and hand over to the night team."

And Katie went on to explain about the huge amount of job satisfaction she gets from seeing such a wide variety of different patients aged between 0-16.

She concluded: "As soon as someone says thank you that makes me feel that I have done my job properly. And when they go home, that means you've definitely done your job properly as you've helped them get better. Thankfully though, our patients are not here for a long period of time so that means that every day can be completely different."