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New paediatric Insulin Pump Service

17 June 2017

Health Care

Children who would have previously had to travel as far as Cambridge or London can now receive their insulin pump here at Southend University Hospital.

The long awaited Paediatric Insulin Pump Service is now operational in the Trust's paediatric diabetes clinic.

This means patients can now be treated by their local Paediatric Diabetes Team.

The first patients to receive their pumps, which are light, easy to carry and look like mobile phones, were Jack Wilson, aged 11, from Canvey Island and Oliver Plumb, aged 7, from Benfleet.

The pumps deliver insulin continuously throughout the day via a cannula inserted

under the skin. Insulin doses can be calculated and delivered in much smaller doses this way than is possible using the traditional injections, therefore enabling improved blood glucose control.

Dr Ravi Chetan, Paediatrics Consultant in Endocrinology & Diabetes at the Trust, said: "Having the in-house ability to initiate and support insulin pumps locally makes our service a rounded, capable and self-sufficient one. This was an important step to help families of children and young people with diabetes receive all the care they deserve through the hospital and Essex Partnership University Trust (EPUT) Collaborative Paediatric Diabetes Multi-Disciplinary Centre both at the hospital clinics as well as in the community, on a 24/7 basis."

Suzie Williams from EPUT, said: "Families in our area have been delighted that insulin pumps can now be provided locally. It makes a real difference for patients to be able to stay with a paediatric diabetes team they know and not have to travel long distances both for training and follow up appointments."