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Southend Hospital’s a national oxygen exemplar

11 July 2017

Health Care

Southend University Hospital has played a pivotal role in putting together national recognised guidelines for the safe prescription of oxygen in an updated publication for The British Thoracic Society (BTS), the UK’s professional body of respiratory specialists.

The updated British Thoracic Society (BTS) Guideline for Oxygen Use in Adults in Healthcare and Emergency Settings is based on new evidence about how effective prescribing and delivery of emergency oxygen for patients can both improve health and save lives. Southend's local oxygen policy is highlighted in the back of the guideline as an example to follow.

Lisa Ward, Lead Respiratory Nurse said: "People aren't aware that oxygen can be harmful if it's prescribed incorrectly, for example if people receive too much oxygen it can be harmful."

Dr Duncan Powrie, Consultant Respiratory Physician, said: "We've been very closely involved in the development of a national guideline to ensure the safety of patients being given prescribed oxygen. We are a real vanguard and the Trust has been at the forefront of its creation that will have a positive impact for patients here and across the UK."

The respiratory team have been real champions of the guidelines, developing a lot of the tools that help staff nationally to deliver prescribed oxygen safely, many which were trialled at Southend Hospital.

Image: l-r Dr Duncan Powrie, Consultant Respiratory Physician, and Lisa Ward, Lead Respiratory Nurse