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Cancer patient experience at Southend is better than the national average

04 August 2017

Health Care

The results for the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2016 are in and feedback shows that patients rate their cancer care at Southend University Hospital above the national average.

Those taking part in the survey had to give a score from 0-10, with Southend rated 8.8 for overall cancer care.

Patients gave high scores for being able to discuss worries of fears with staff, being given information about support groups and being told who to contact if they were worried after discharge from hospital. Feedback also showed that GPs were given enough information about patient`s condition and treatment.

That's really encouraging news for the hospital, which is a specialist cancer centre. But the hospital also knows that it must continue to improve its cancer patients' experience even further.

Yvonne Blücher, Managing Director for Southend Hospital, said: "We are constantly listening to our ongoing patient feedback across all areas of the Trust. With regard to cancer care we know we still have areas that we can be even better at and our cancer team continue to look at ways we can make those improvements to give the best service we possibly can for our cancer patients."

"Our main area for improvement is performance and we are working across the three trusts of Southend, Basildon and Mid Essex to provide joined up, timely care for patients with cancer.

"One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime and many cancers are becoming far more manageable than they were 30 years ago. With our dedicated staff, the Macmillan Cancer Centre onsite, our £540,000 Brachytherapy suite and our soon to be opened £600,000 state-of-the-art laparoscopic (keyhole surgery) theatre suite, Southend is well and truly at the forefront of that fight for the people of Essex."

These latest survey results show that Southend University Hospital is heading in the right direction when it comes to ensuring it gives cancer patients across Essex the best experience they can possibly have.