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Improved pain relief for patients

24 October 2017

Health Care

The Acute Pain Service has recently updated its pain relief machines across surgical wards at Southend University Hospital, which means better pain relief control for patients post-surgery.

This pain relief is delivered by epidurals, similar to the ones used in childbirth, and can mean that patients have minimal to no pain after their operations.

There are also Patient Controlled Analgesia pumps, PCAs for short, which mean that patients have control of their own pain relief, and are able to administer strong pain killers themselves by the click of a button.

Lee Merrison, Clinical Nurse Specialist, said: "You could say that our new machines are like going from an original smart phone to the latest model, they've improved greatly. With upgraded pumps it means our patients are getting the most modern technology to help ease their pain and speed their recovery post operation."

Now patients get a more user-friendly button when using the PCA's, meaning that their pain relief can be targeted more appropriately when needed. With coloured screens it means they are also now more user-friendly for staff as well.