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Prostate Cancer UK impressed by Southend visit

27 November 2017

Health Care

Representatives from Prostate Cancer UK recently took the opportunity to visit Southend University Hospital to experience the full range of prostate cancer services available at the Trust and explore the patient pathway.

Prostate Cancer UK had heard about the great work in prostate cancer diagnostics which has been taking place at Southend over the last few years, in particular the successful integration of multi parametric MRI scanning (mpMRI) before biopsy.

The Southend prostate cancer team members guided their guests through the full multi-disciplinary pathway, sharing skills and experiences from cancer specialist nurses, surgeons, radiographers, pathologists, radiologists and oncologists.

Leanne Creighton, Change Delivery Senior Officer, and Kirsty Henderson, Senior Policy Officer, from Prostate Cancer UK, also got to see the hospital's £540,000 state-of-the-art brachytherapy suite that opened last year.

Leanne and Kirsty were impressed by what they saw. Leanne said: "We met so many amazing people working across the prostate cancer care pathway; it's been great to see first-hand the care in action and how it all works at Southend."

Kirsty added: "It's been great to speak to all the different clinicians and a prostate cancer patients about their experience at Southend. It's immensely valuable to hear and observe."

Those members of the prostate cancer team included cancer specialist nurses, surgeons, radiographers, radiologists and oncologists.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with around one in eight getting prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Over 47,000 men are diagnosed with this form of cancer every year in the UK and in 2016-2017 nearly 350 cancer patients were seen at Southend from right across Essex, as Southend is the specialist centre.

 One of the many dedicated members of staff Leanne and Kirsty met was Dr Sidath Liyanage, Radiology Consultant at the hospital, who arranged the showcase tour for Prostate Cancer UK. He said: "This was a great opportunity to promote the hospital and the excellent work being done to combat prostate cancer at Southend."

The hope is now that Southend University Hospital and Prostate Cancer UK will be able to look at more ways of working closely together.