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Royal College of Midwives Director delivers thanks to maternity support workers

28 November 2017

Health Care

November is the first ever maternity support worker month, launched by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) to celebrate all those people who help support both Midwives, and women and their families across the UK.

Southend University Hospital has been celebrating those who help make a real difference to everyone in the Maternity Unit and Special Care Baby Unit here at the Trust, whether they be front line or working in the background. They all have their unique and crucially important part to play in ensuring that women receive the highest quality of care.

The Trust welcomed Jacque Gerrard, RCM Director for England, to help in the celebration of coffee, cake and a chat, something which Southend midwives have dubbed 'the 3Cs'.

Midwife, Felicity Shaw-Williams, explained: "Nursing has the 6Cs - care, compassion, courage, communication, commitment and competence, which is something we all adhere to. As it's so well-known we wanted to put our own fun spin on it to thank everyone who helps make a huge difference, not just to our job but also to the lives of mums and dads to be.

"It was a lovely way of saying our thanks and to recognise how the often unseen work of maternity support workers, such as clerks, healthcare assistants and secretaries, has a real positive impact to our lives and the lives of patients."

And Jacque Gerrard was impressed by the camaraderie she witnessed at Southend Hospital. She said: "I think 'the 3Cs' is a brilliant idea of packaging the thanks we all want to give to those dedicated people who help us day in and day out. Midwives couldn't do what they do without such a fantastic support system behind them and it was great to join in the celebrations and speak to both midwives and maternity support workers in Southend."