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Free hearing loss event - Monday 25 June

21 June 2018

Joint working

A free to attend ‘All Ears’ event will take place at the Education Centre, Southend University Hospital on Monday 25 June from 3pm-5pm, inviting people with hearing loss to take part.

People who are new to NHS hearing aids will find it particularly beneficial, though established users, friends and carer's are welcome to attend and find out more about the services and help available to them.

Hearing Help Essex, a registered not for profit Charity assists people countywide with acquired hearing loss. 

There are more than 11 million people in the UK with some degree of hearing difficulty and a quarter of a million people in Essex alone have some degree of hearing decline, which can come about for all sorts of reasons, making day-to-day communication far less easy.

Practical information, advice and guidance on how best to adjust to wearing NHS hearing aids  and managing hearing loss will be made available, and there will be the opportunity to learn more about assistive equipment and the benefits of technology that can really help.


Places are limited and must be booked in advance.


It's easy to make a reservation:


Contact 01245 496347 or Text 07950 406173, or


Email: help@hearinghelpessex.org.uk


Hearing Help Essex is committed to making a provision of support that will help people with hearing loss to make life easier. www.hearinghelpessex.org.uk

Reg. Charity Number: 1113498


A further All Ears event is also planned to take place on Monday 1 October. Interest and bookings for this date are also being taken.