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Yellow hello to help those with dementia

23 May 2018

Health Care

As part of Dementia Action Week (21 – 27 May), Southend University Hospital wanted to highlight how the yellow name badge scheme for staff has been helping patients with dementia during their time at the Trust.

Why a yellow badge? It has been proven that a yellow background with simple black font enables the brain to process the information much more easily and even people with eye sight problems can read them.

Jennifer Pym, Ward Manager for the Day Assessment Unit (DAU) explained: "When I joined from Basildon Hospital I brought my yellow name badge with me. Even though I've got a 'Hello my name is' badge, my patients could never see my name clearly. When I put my old yellow one on, it was an instant 'Jennifer' from patients and a smile."

Jennifer raised the issue of not having dementia friendly badges at the Dementia Steering Group, highlighting what a positive difference they made, and the badges have been a staple of elderly care wards since February this year.

Jennifer said: "It's a small change but makes a huge difference to patients.

"Even though people with dementia are not just admitted to elderly wards, this is a foot in the door to roll out in our Trust to ensure frontline staff are more approachable during their time in our hospital."

The badges are already in operation on the Day Assessment Unit (DAU), Princess

Anne and Windsor wards. There's also a change to signage around the Trust.

All of which promotes a more friendly environment for some of the hospital's most vulnerable patients.