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Women’s clinic gets stunning upgrade

28 August 2018


Thanks to generous donations a series of stunning refurbishments have taken place in the women’s clinic at the Trust, with the opening of a brand new tranquility room and enhancements to our gynaecology ambulatory suite.

These improvements have enabled Southend to develop a 'one stop' service where women can receive diagnosis and treatment on the same day. The tranquillity room provides women with a private space in a relaxing environment, and allows them to discuss treatment, reflect and take time to recover.

Funding came from Rob Turrell and his mother's sister, Liz Malone, after Rob's mother sadly passed away at the hospital. Rob said: "Mum would have loved this room, it's beautiful and creates a nice relaxed atmosphere for patients.

"Everyone looked after her so well here, so it's just nice to be able to give something back."

Funding also came from Cervical, Ovarian, Perineal, Endometrial Support (COPES),the Essex gynaelogical cancer support network who also funded the tranquillity

room and contributed to the enhancements to the gynaecology Ambulatory Suite which includes the hysteroscopy room and recovery room.

Wendy Davies, Chair of COPES, said: "We've been raising money for several years to fund there furbishment of a room where patients can go to hear their diagnosis, the results of their treatments and their prognosis. In the past this was done in a mainly surgical or clinical setting.

"When we asked our members what sort of setting they would have appreciated when hearing the news that they had a gynaecological cancer, what the next stages were, and what their treatment options were, they said they wanted somewhere calm, where they could get info, talk to their friends or relatives and have time in an unhurried setting to take in the news."