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The Care Certificate class of 2018

27 December 2018

Health Care

Care certificates were recently handed out to the latest group of Health Care Assistants (HCA) who have completed their studies at Southend University Hospital.

Director of Nursing, Denise Townsend, was on presenting duties. She congratulated all the HCAs that had completed the certificate and thanked them for all their hard work, completing it during their own time whilst juggling working full time.

The certificate recognises all the hard work HCAs do for patients at Southend Hospital, in completing the 15 standards of the Care Certificate. It's the minimum training, supervision and assessment that all healthcare workers now receive as part of their induction when joining the Trust, and is also being offered to existing staff.

One of those who gained their certificate was Sue Childs, an HCA from the Discharge Lounge. Sue explained how her passion and varied career has led to her being awarded the certificate. She said: "My background was in banking when I joined the Trust in 2014 as part of the switchboard team, I then had roles in radiotherapy and as the ward clerk in the discharge lounge.

"I wanted to do more and progress, so in my one-to-ones I spoke to my really supportive managers who then gave me this opportunity to do my HCA training, which I started in April this year.

"I wouldn't be where I am without the support and encouragement of my bosses, I've got the most amazing role and really love my work. It gives me real job satisfaction to help others and the Care Certificate has really helped enhance it. I'm now also going out with the Bridge the Gap team."

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