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A New Welcome to Neptune Children's Ward

09 April 2018


An initiative to make Southend University Hospital’s Neptune Children’s Ward a more welcoming environment is now on display.

The main entrance to the ward is now emblazoned with fun and colourful drawings featuring doctors, nurses and even self-portraits.

Sam Christie, Housekeeper on Neptune Children's Ward, said: "I wanted to make Neptune stand out as a children's ward, to be more child friendly and to bring a smile to the faces of the children as they enter the ward. We asked our regular ward patients to be part of this project and got them to design a hospital-themed picture."

Many of the children and young people who provided artwork have since returned to see their printed art work on the doors including Maci Muller, aged 5 (above).

Feedback from patients and families from across the hospital has been very positive.

Pictured: Maci Muller, aged 5, from Southend with the Neptune Ward staff.