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Stroke double donation raises ‘Unit changing’ £10,250

07 February 2019

Health Care

Two groups of families and friends have helped raise £5,125 each to benefit the Stroke Unit at Southend University Hospital as a legacy for loved ones they have lost. The monies raised are in memory of Danny Spooner from Hullbridge and Alan Iles from Rayleigh.

Danny, 66, passed away in 2018 after suffering multiple strokes. He liked to tinker with cars and bikes and was into his music. Friend, Peter Halls, from Hullbridge along with Danny's son Graham and a group of Danny's friends, organised a couple of music events back in September 2018, raising over £5,000 in memory of Danny.

Another of Peter's friends, Mark Iles from Benfleet, decided to generously match that amount with money in memory of his dad, Alan Iles.

Alan suffered a stroke in 2006 and was cared for by staff at Southend Hospital; he passed away in 2017 and would have been really pleased about the donation to the Unit that treated him. In total the pair, along with family and friends have raised an amazing £10,250.

Karis Reeve, Ward Manager from the Stroke Unit, said: "This money will be Unit changing for staff, but most importantly for patients and relatives who will benefit hugely from both the big ticket items and those smaller items. Big or small they all make a real difference to the lives of patients who have suffered a stroke. We can't thank the friends and family of Danny and Alan enough."

Equipment being purchased for the Stroke Unit includes two weighing beds, which as the name suggests has built in scales and will enable patients to be weighed quickly and staff  will be able to instantly calculate the thrombolysis dosage required, which is based on weight.

Karis said: "The earlier treatment can start the greater the chance of recovery and there is the reduced likelihood of permanent disability and less need for extensive rehabilitation.

Two Hi-Lo beds ticked off the list will help reduce falls for disorientated patients as it can be lowered to the floor so that if the patient attempts to get out of bed the fall impact will be reduced.

Two shower chairs will also help provide support for immobile patients enabling them to shower in a safe and comfortable position.

Finally there are 15 DAB radios for across the unit to provide all side rooms and bays the music, which can help not only with orientation and reminiscence therapy but also create a calm environment.

Peter said: "We'd like to say a big thank you to all those people who have supported the fundraising events and their generosity. The funds raised will be able to purchase much needed equipment and greatly benefit Stroke Unit staff and patients. We believe not only is it a fitting way to remember Danny, but more importantly how much an impression people can make on our lives."

Mark added: "The stroke unit at Southend Hospital saved my father's life in 2006 and we are very happy to show our gratitude by way of this donation."