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Southend is top UK recruiter for heart failure trial

30 April 2019

Health Care

The Southend Cardiology Clinical Research Department has been named as the top UK recruiting centre for Improving the Safety and Continuity of Medicines Management at Transitions of care (ISCOMAT) trial, which looks at the medical treatment of heart failure patients.

The department topped the national recruitment league table within three days of opening the trial at Southend Hospital, which is a fantastic example of the excellent collaboration between the clinical and research teams within the cardiology department. Patient recruitment for the trial has involved nurses and doctors, ward pharmacists as well as the research team.

This clinical trial, like all the others in Cardiology, looks directly at clinical conditions that affect our patient population, and in this particular study the department were looking at heart failure patients' medical treatment, both during their hospital stay and following their discharge into the community.

Dr Thuraia Nageh, Cardiac Clinical Research Lead and Principle Investigator for the ISCOMAT trial at the Trust, said: "We are honoured to be named the top UK recruiting centre. This is testament to the fantastic collaborative efforts between the clinical and research staff within our department, where everyone works together to provide optimal care to our patients and improve their clinical outcomes."