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Keith's change of career sees him flying high in nursing

09 May 2019

Health Care

This weekend marks International Nurses' Day, we celebrate the diverse range of people who become nurses. Some are from overseas, others are newly qualified, and some opted for nursing as a total career change. They all have one thing in common - their dedication to nursing.

Keith Parkin

Change of career nurse

"I've been a qualified nurse since 2012, prior to that I was a flight attendant. I went back to college and started my training to become a nurse in 2009.

"All the way through my training I thought I was going to be a medical nurse but then I was given the opportunity to start here on Shopland Ward and that is where I have stayed. I'm now Ward Manager - a role I've been in for 14 months - but started as a staff nurse before being seconded in a trauma nurse role for two years. I then completed my orthopaedic nurse course and then the ward manager position came up.

"I really enjoy the part of my role that supports staff on the ward and helps grow our own nurses and supports them through their training. We've got some really good nurses, we work really hard as a directorate to support our staff and they are out there now being fantastic qualified nurses.

"I love nursing and I think it's a really rewarding job. Every part of the team that looks after a patient - whether they are a doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapist or pharmacist - all make a difference in patients' care. I like to think of nurses as the glue that holds it all together."