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From nursing in Dubai to Southend

10 May 2019

Health Care

This weekend marks International Nurses' Day, we celebrate the diverse range of people who become nurses. Some are from overseas, others are newly qualified, and some opted for nursing as a total career change. They all have one thing in common - their dedication to nursing.

Manilyn Briones

Originally from the Philippines and now a staff nurse

"I've been a nurse for almost 13 years, before coming to the UK I was working as a nurse in Dubai, my specialised area is in infectious disease and Intense Therapy Unit (ITU). For me, although it's a new country and a new environment, nursing is nursing.

"The main difference between the two countries I've worked in are the cultures, I feel the people here are very welcoming and very pleasant and thoughtful.

"My main reason for coming here was to provide a good future for my family and my daughter. At first it was so difficult being apart from one another, as we lived together

in Dubai. This is our first time apart as a family but keeping in touch via video chatting has really helped. It means we can still communicate and it eases the burden of being away. I've found the transition fine; for me it has all been about my career growth and creating a better future."