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Survey to help improve outpatient appointments

23 May 2019

Health Care

Imagine having an outpatient appointment without having to attend hospital, or without struggling with public transport or trying to find that elusive car park space. That could be the future of outpatient appointments and Southend University Hospital are asking people for their input in improving the way outpatient appointments could be delivered.

During the week of Monday 3 - Friday 7 June, patients attending outpatient clinics at the hospital, or one of its satellite clinics across Essex, will be asked how they think Consultant appointments could work better in the future, whether that be more telephone consultations or video appointments using apps like Skype.

The short, five question survey will be offered whilst patients are waiting for their appointment by hospital volunteers, who will be asking people to answer the iPad survey. Answers will be completely anonymous.

Clare Burns, Director of Operations for Planned and Scheduled Care at the Trust, said: "It's an exciting opportunity to be a part of shaping how these positive outpatient appointment changes could take place at Southend. They could mean less of a struggle for public transport, road congestion or parking, or not having to book time off work or having to ask a friend or relative to take you to your appointment. You could have the same consultant service 'in' your own home. Such developments would save both patients and staff time and money, making it a much more effective and efficient service."

The feedback received from patients will help influence how outpatient services will work in the future. During the same week, the survey will be available online and accessible from smartphones. Consultants themselves will also be asked for their views on how information can be best shared with patients, without the need for them to physically travel to the hospital site.