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Donations for new equipment help speed up lung patient care

02 July 2019


A donation of £700 by Hadleigh Castle Rotary Club, which was matched by one of its members and her husband, has meant that the pre-assessment department at Southend University Hospital has been able to buy a new Spirometry machine costing £1,400.

The machine helps diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions in patients undergoing assessment prior to surgery and makes their treatment a lot quicker. Spirometry is a simple test used to help diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions by measuring how much air you can breathe out in one forced breath. It's carried out using a device called a spirometer, which is a small machine attached by a cable to a mouthpiece

Lesley Odeke, lead manager from the Pre-assessment Unit, said: "We were thrilled when the Hadleigh Castle Rotary Club came forward with a donation of £700 and one of their members, Maryse Iles and her husband Mark from Benfleet, very kindly offered to match their donation. The machine replaced an old one and is already being put to good use."

Sandra Allen, President of Hadleigh Castle Rotary, said: "We were so pleased to donate to the Pre-assessment Unit, we were told it will help with the waiting lists for patients. The staff were wonderful and so dedicated to their jobs, we were made to feel that we were making a real difference, which is what Hadleigh Castle Rotary are inspired to do."

During their recent visit, Mark and Maryse were heartened by the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the Pre-assessment team and as a result they very kindly offered to purchase a second Spirometry machine in memory of Mark's father, Mr Alan Iles. Which means in total the couple have donated £2,100 to the unit.

Mark and Maryse, speaking on behalf of the Iles family, said: "We are happy to do what we can to reduce the waiting time for patients and relieve the stress of the exceptional nursing staff."


Image:  Mark Iles at the back, Sandra Allen in centre and Maryse Iles at the front of the picture with members from the Pre-Assessment team. Lesley Odeke is holding the cheque on the left of the picture.